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Maquila Matters: Inventory Control Systems Mexico’s maquiladora program offers an excellent opportunity for companies producing goods or providing services for the export market to reduce their tax burden, streamline their operations and increase overall profit margins. Taking advantage of these benefits allows companies to significantly reduce start-up and operational costs (including finance costs) and achieve healthier cash flow levels than would otherwise be possible. This issue covers:

  • Inventory control systems

  • Automation requirements

  • Annex 24 v. Annex 31

Access the issue here.

One of the primary goals of Maquila Matters is to demystify the broad-ranging tax requirements for Mexican Maquiladoras that took effect in 2014 and the beginning of this year. Maquila Matters will help readers make sense of this new web of regulatory requirements by discussing from a business perspective the key issues currently facing Maquiladoras in Mexico and suggesting creative and innovative solutions to both common and not-so-common problems.

We hope Maquila Matters will be of value to you. Please feel free to direct any comments or suggestions to Executive Editor Mirsha Saynes at

Upcoming issues of Maquila Matters will cover topics such as:

  • Maquila-related income tax laws and reporting requirements

  • penalties for non-compliance

  • Maquila virtual operations

  • Maquilas and the automotive fiscal warehouse

  • regulatory issues affecting specific sectors such as textiles and apparel

  • special benefits for Maquiladoras certified under Mexico’s authorized economic operator program

  • issues including the suitability of restructuring a Maquiladora with domestic sales and exports

  • the process to obtain the necessary tax credit certification from Mexican authorities

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