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Bill Polkinhorn, Inc.

Customhouse Brokerage

and Freight Forwarding

Bill Polkinhorn, Inc.


is Licensed Forwarder offering ocean and overland border services as a closely held family corporation since 1917.


Custom Broker and Foreign Freight 


The BPI service ethic derives from a corporate culture, now several decades old, infused by European service models where very individualized solutions tailored to a client's unique circumstances are always the first order of the day.

  • Custom Brokerage

  • C-TPAT Consultation

  • Consulting/Compliance Reviews/Compliance Assessments

  • Warehousing and Freight Management

  • Foreign Freight Forwarding Export Services

  • Logistics Services

  • Special Services

BPI has a National Permit on file with US Customs and is presently filing entries at several overland and ocean ports of entry. BPI promotes and emphasizes the employment of customized electronic data interchange protocols (EDI) with its clients.

27% of the BPI employee base are licensed brokers.

80% of BPI employees have been here for over 15 years.


At BPI compliance controls include centralized post entry review, internal audits, operational policies and procedures and performance measurement via custom designed key performance indicators.

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